STEP 4: Safely Share your Streetviews with the Right People

All your recordings are private to you – but you can also choose who you want to share them with. The Streetviews are stored on your storage devices, so you have complete control over who sees them.

Share across web browsers, social media, mobile apps, and intranets


Enjoy the full value of the Streetviews you create by sharing them with the right people – all thanks to the simple-to-use browser-based player.

You are in control of who sees which Streetviews: add the player to your company’s intranet or to a web-server then limit access by setting up usernames and passwords.

There is no obligation to make any recording public at all!

Offline on Android


Not all work takes place in the office or in areas with WiFi coverage. That’s why we created an Offline Android Viewer app. It allows users to view your Streetviews wherever they need them, without internet access.

This makes the Applied Streetview system perfect for offline demos for customers, as well as a valuable tool for all kinds of tactical teams!

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