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STEP 3: Process Recordings & Transform them into 8k+ Streetviews

Looking for the WOW effect of image detail and accuracy? As soon as you stop recording, you can start processing. Get the inside scoop for stitching your Streetviews together.

Creator 3 Program

The Original 360 Production System is an all-in-one solution for recording and processing your Streetviews on your own. Once you have created the images you need, you can use the Creator 3 program to stitch them into flawless 8k+ Streetviews. You will find the Creator 3 program extremely well adapted to your needs. It has been developed in partnership with our customers and, because of this, includes all of the relevant features they have requested.

Output To Your Format

The Creator 3 program is extremely simple to use and can automatically process up to 250,000 datasets per day. It allows you to process your Streetviews into the format that best suits your company workflows – either create leveled, geo-referenced panoramas or the Web Player, Android Player or Instant Player.

View your Screenshots with Creator 3

Once you have processed your Streetviews, you can review them right away in the Creator 3 Player itself. You can also make adjustments to the players layout. Now that you have your Streetviews, there’s only one step left: Sharing them.

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