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Asset Finder Plugin

Open Stand-alone player in new window.
The Asset Finder Plugin helps you to easily find and link any geo-referenced asset from your database to hundreds of kilometers of Streetview recordings.

How It Works

Need to pinpoint an exact location asset? The Asset Finder Plugin helps you to create unique links that describe the location of your Streetviews’ assets. Each link is unique to a specific location, built from the following data:

Latitude + Longitude + (Optional) Altitude + Asset Description

For example, let’s take the following information:

  • Asset latitude: 50.00271909
  • Asset longitude: 8.64796904
  • Asset altitude: 177
  • Description: Fliesen Center Langen

Input these details into the Asset Finder Plugin and it will automatically create a specific URL. Save this URL and refer back to it whenever you need to during your work!


When you click on one of the custom links, a player with the Asset Finder Plugin will open in a new browser window. It will:

  • Search, find, and open the Streetview closest to the latitude/longitude coordinates provided
  • Automatically pan left/right and up/down to show the latitude/longitude coordinates provided
  • Display a green marker on the map
  • Display a green marker on the Streetview
  • Display the description of your asset, together with the latitude, longitude and altitude in the top right-hand corner of the screen

Optionally, you can use the free open-source custom data plugin for the player to build a database interface, to show your own custom data and save data retrieved from the Streetview. This custom data plugin is part of every player generated by the Creator program.